What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Since its inception in the mid-2000s, social media has become part of the lives of its users. Companies soon realized the opportunity of these new media and today billions of dollars are invested in social media marketing. However, some companies still lag behind on this issue. Either because they don’t invest enough in social media or because resources aren’t exploited. In this article, we will try to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: Is it worth investing in social media?

Digital Marketing Strategy

Before going into the matter it is important to define exactly what social media marketing is. This practice involves creating content to promote your business or product on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Content should be thought of for each social media to increase brand awareness and generate sales leads. This strategy should also be part of your company’s digital marketing efforts for better results. If you combine it with other actions like SEO/SEM and email campaigns you are maximizing the reach of your brand.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The advantages of social media marketing are varied. They range from interacting directly with your users to saving costs on your marketing budget. The truth is that a good presence on social media will help you to stand out in the market and therefore increase your sales. On the other hand, the potential of social media continues to be discovered over the years. There are companies that have managed to improve their customer service through Twitter and WhatsApp, while Facebook and Instagram allow you to sell directly from the platform. Here are the four most important benefits of social media marketing. Social media content

1) Brand recognition on Social Media

Create awareness about your products and services in a saturated market like today is no difficult task. With social media, you can achieve brand recognition at a lower cost than other traditional methods. Currently, about 97 of marketing professionals include social media as part of their strategy. Plus, it’s a way to get closer to your audience. During 2018 approximately 3.2 billion users participated in social media worldwide. While social media penetration varies by country, it’s not hard to see why creating and sharing content designed for these platforms can bring you benefits. Social media has been shown to improve engagement (linking or identifying the user with the brand) and interactions with your company. Every time a user likes, comment or share your posts, you’re improving your brand awareness. On the other hand, social media marketing can complement other digital strategies. For example, SEO (search engine optimization) can be boosted with active profiles on different social platforms. While from your social profiles you can take organic traffic to your company’s website.

2) You create valuable relationships with your customers

Social media emerges as a method to connect people no matter how they are. That same principle can be applied to your brand: social platforms will allow you to connect with your audience. This implies a degree of direct interaction that is impossible to achieve by other means. That’s why you need to interact with your customers in this way, not just posting information about your products and services. Each comment by users is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate how you relate to your audience. This way you can build lasting relationships and brand loyalty with every interaction. It’s important to note that if you’re going to use your social media accounts as a customer service channel, the tone of communication is in line with your digital marketing strategy. It is recommended that you involve various departments such as support, human resources, and marketing to ensure the quality of the channel.

3) Increases conversion rates

One of the advantages of social media is that they allow you to access detailed statistics of your users: who they are, how old they are, where they interact with you and how they relate to your brand’s content. This information allows you to adjust the strategy when needed and in real-time. With social media marketing, you can increase conversion rates and generate leads for your business. Things like contests, direct sales on the profile or streaming live videos of your brand allow you to get leads from consumers interested in your products or services. If you also create landing pages on your website, conversion rates can increase significantly. The important thing, in this case, is to bring the content where your customers are and that they are attracted to your brand. Social media give you the ability to impersonate your brand to generate greater trust from your users. Market analysis

4) Social media market intelligence

Finally, part of a good social media marketing strategy is to learn about the market. Direct interactions with your audience help you understand your brand’s perceptions, doubts, and complaints. You can also find out what they think of other similar products and your competition. On the other hand, you can be aware of the market trends as well as the actions of your competitors. This helps you stay at the forefront of your niche and constantly improve the quality of your products.

Tips for Social Media Marketing

As in traditional marketing, before you start applying any social media strategy, you need to research who your audience is and what are the best platforms to focus on. For example, if you have a food or wellness venue then a Yelp page might help you increase traffic to your business, while for a craft sale a profile on Pinterest may be more profitable. Content creation must be adapted to each platform to generate engagement. Finally, you need to measure the results after each phase of the campaign.

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