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Manual Branding Corporativo

Why choose us to
design your brand identity?

We offer a completely personalised design based on your existing brand or idea.

We focus on keeping your brand consistent in every media channel.

We include all the information necessary clearly and concisely so that you can use your brand with ease in the present and in the future.

Guía de estilos de branding

What process do we use
to design your business brand?

Recolección de información

Gathering information

It is very important to get to know your idea and to understand the profile of your potential clients to design a corporate business brand that exudes the benefits of your label and attracts new clients.

Complete this short questionnaire about your tastes and your client’s needs so that we can start the process of building you a new corporate identity.

Revisión y ajustes

Checking and making changes

Our three top results will always be solid and attractive based on the information we collect, however it’s natural that you will suggest modifications to make it even better yet.

We understand that this is part of the process, so we allow three changes to the original ideas.

Designing your logo is the result of great teamwork, your opinions matter, and they play an important role in the final result.

Tarjetas de presentación

Business cards

Once you have selected your logo we will continue with designing your business cards.

We use the same colour pallet that we created when designing the logo.

We present you with three business card designs for you to revise and suggest changes to.

We include all relevant information such as your name, position, contact number, email address, website address, amongst others.

Hojas membreteadas


How your brand is communicated is important, and how it appears even more so.

We include a letterhead template within your corporate branding so that all communication contains the same colours and style of your brand.

We not only include layouts for printed sheets, but also for your emails and digital documents.

Like the other options, we present 3 variations for you to select your favourite.

Imágenes de redes sociales

Images for social media

Posting on social media networks is more than posting a simple image, that is why within your corporate branding package, we include prototypes and examples of designs for your social media networks.

In addition to this, we designed a complete prototype of what the profile of your networks would look like so that you can make the best decisions and enhance your platforms.

We present 3 variations of each image for your review and adjustment.

Guía de estilos

Style guide

Once your corporate package is complete and you have already decided on the best designs, we will put all this information into a style guide.

Within this guide, we consolidate all the information relevant to the design of your logo (size, spaces, minimum size, variations and the correct way to apply it), colours of your brand, typography, social media networks and stationery, amongst others.

The style guide is very important to maintain consistency within your brand and give a clear understanding of the use of it for those people who get involved in your company in the future.

Entrega final del logo

Final Delivery

At the end of the adjustments and revisions, we give you the source files with everything included in the corporate branding package.

This includes fully modifiable files so you can use them freely.

Descubre nuestro
portafolio de marcas.


Ubicada en Australia y Colombia. Dukon es una compañía que vende fresas achocolatadas.

Elaboramos para ellos: Logo, Branding, Identidad Corporativa, Imágenes para Redes Sociales, Material Gráfico.

Branding Corporativo para cliente
Branding Corporativo para cliente

Star Sydney Care

Ubicada en Brisbane, Australia. Star Sydney Care es una compañía que ofrece servicios a personas discapacitadas.

Elaboramos para ellos: Logo, Branding, Identidad Corporativa, Imágenes para Redes Sociales, Material Gráfico y Diseño de Página Web.


Ubicado en Perth, Australia. Christo’s es una restaurante que vende hamburguesas y comida rápida.

Elaboramos para ellos: Logo, Branding, Identidad Corporativa, Imágenes para Redes Sociales y Material Gráfico.

Branding Corporativo para cliente

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