20 powerful ways to drive traffic to your website

You’ve already got your website. You invested money in the design, the technical aspects and even optimized it for search engines. You created engaging content that you update frequently, and in summary, you followed the manual.

However, your page’s traffic is still below your expectations.

We have some good news for you.  The first, you’re not alone. At least 60% of the marketing professionals find it challenging to see what consumers expect.

The second is, this problem has a solution, and you have a significant number of options to attract traffic to the website.

Traffic isn’t the most critical metric, but it’s vital to achieving conversions.

You can’t have leads or sales if there’s no one visiting your website. That’s why you need to employ steps to increase visits and interactions on the site.

Below you will find a guide with the 20 most powerful techniques to take your website to the next level.

Remember, you don’t have to apply them all, but it won’t be enough with only one.

Increasing your website traffic requires effort and constant work, so it is best to combine tactics and tests to get the best results.

How to measure traffic?

There is a fundamental point to understand your website traffic. Currently, one of the best tools to measure the statistics of a page is Google Analytics, which is also free.

You have to install the code and set up your Google account to track the primary metrics.

Among the information, you can get insights about: organic and inorganic traffic, average reading time, click-through rate, among others.

You also have the option to define objectives that you can monitor in near real-time. The idea is that you’re aware of everything that’s going on on the site.

Types of traffic

Not all traffic is the same. On the one hand, there is organic traffic, that is, traffic that comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and those that require a fee, or inorganic traffic that comes from paid ads in Google Ads or other companies responsible for distributing ads.

Then there’s the social traffic that comes from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the social networks which you can also measure in Google Analytics.

Knowing this will cause you to become aware of your digital marketing tactics, strategies that generate the most traffic, and the ones you should use the most.

Techniques to increase web traffic

Image about web traffic

There are currently various techniques to attract traffic. Some organically and some that require payment.

In this guide, you will find a mixture of both trends that you can combine to your liking, and you will be able to make the most of your investment in your website.

1. Optimize for SEO

Search engine optimization is an efficient way to find the traffic your website needs. However, it covers so many technical and content aspects that something may slip away when you design your page. That is why it is recommended to check from time to time if everything is in order.

The goal of SEO is to appear in the first results of search engines for specific keywords.

Before choosing them, research should be carried out to determine which ones are most appropriate for your brand or product. The strategy of the competition should also be a consideration.

Google Keyword Planner and similar ones are tools used for Keyword research, so you know how many searches per month each term has and the competition that exists in the market.

In most cases, it is at this stage that the failure or success of a website is determined.

Another important point of SEO, there are two categories: SEO On-page and SEO Off-page. These categories refer to the optimization factors that are related to the technical and content factors on the page and those external factors that can drive traffic.

Some of the factors of SEO On-page are:

  • Title:

    It must contain the keywords and not exceed 70 characters.
  • Meta description:

    It is the piece of text that the search engine displays, and you must also bring the focus of keywords to point to both users and the search robot itself on what your page is about.
  • Header:

    Take advantage of header tags to give your texts a more solid structure while helping the search engine recognize what the highlights are about in your post.
  • Alt text for images:

    Writing alternative words describing images helps the search engine classify images on your Page and is an opportunity to attract traffic.

These are just a few of the SEO elements to keep in mind when optimizing your Page. You can also use a list like Backlinks to find out what you need to optimize and evaluate what you already have.

2. Create value-added content

A page that doesn’t update and doesn’t have dynamic sections, whether it’s a blog or a news section, is unappealing to the public.

Applying Inbound Marketing techniques will allow you to attract the attention of your target audience by offering compelling content that can help them solve their problems.

For you to accomplish this task, you should create a profile of your client, which is ideal for you to generate content around that figure. Also, if you combine it with your keywords, you will see the results quickly.

Try answering questions your client would ask as an authority on the matter.

3. Paid ads

If you’re starting with your Page or want to make a relaunch, one of the best options is to hire pay-per-click, retargeting, or social media ads, and this will allow you to have the traffic push you are looking for easily and quickly.

The main advantage of these types of ads is that you’ll have a platform designed to target your audience at specific levels. If you’ve previously defined your ideal customer then you’ll be able to create targeted campaigns with excellent results in conversions and sales.

Chances are, your strategy will end up combining different types of advertising to maximize the reach of your campaign and your ads.

4. Email Marketing

Photo about email marketing

Users and leads on your Page should be able to subscribe to your email submissions. This way, you can maintain constant communication with them and prevent them from forgetting your brand.

If you have a CRM, you can automate part of the process and send them information that is relevant to them. Remember that it is not advisable to bombard your customers with emails, but you must set a constant frequency.

A good email marketing strategy is based on creating an expectation stake in your customers without burdening them to visit your Page and buy your products.

5. Influencers

Photo of an influencer recording a video

Influencer marketing is an effective solution in terms of cost-benefit.

Research who are the most influential characters in your market, which can also combine well with your brand personality. Then approach them to reach an agreement, either exchange or economic.

It’s also essential that they’re on the social network where your customers are. For young people, they are usually on Instagram or Snapchat, while the Facebook audience is often more adult. This way your products will have the endorsement of an influencer in your area and will reach a new audience.

6. Videos

Nowadays, users are used to consuming content in different formats beyond written text. The video is one of the best forms to connect with the audience.

Tutorials and guides are some of the most engaging content on different platforms.

In addition to this, you can not only create videos for your page but for social networks like IGTV, Facebook Live, and Youtube.

An active Youtube channel where videos are posted regularly can help you attract customers and improve your brand’s reputation. Your clients should always see you as an authority in your area.

7. Social media buttons

Social media button image

Social media buttons are links designed so that the user can quickly share the link of the page they are visiting. This way, people who visit your Page will help you promote your content and attract more traffic.

Another option is to create buttons to quote your content on Twitter. If you write phrases to share, the user will be more likely to do so.

Your content should have some calls to share it on networks, especially at the end. Again, if you have video or image content, users are more likely to share it on networks.

8. Reuse old content

In case you already have some time with your website, you may have file content.

A good option is to take some posts that have worked well in the past and take it to another format. This will give the content a second air and save you time.

For example, if you have an authoritative text post, turn it into a video. Or you can even take it to a podcast-like format that gains popularity every day.

This way, you can find a new audience for your content and take advantage to attract traffic to your website.

9. Optimize your old posts

Following what was mentioned in the previous section, if you already have a complete content file that you have worked on, then it is a good idea to review it to optimize it.

Write new titles and meta descriptions, check that the links are not dead and that the images are loaded correctly. This way, you can bring to life that content that is no longer producing results.

In addition to attracting web traffic, it will also help you improve search engine positioning.

To do this work, you can take the tips we gave in point 1 and apply it to each of your old posts.

10. Update your old content

Photo about the concept of content marketing

We remain in the same place for a straightforward reason: the content already created does not have to be forgotten, on the contrary, it can and must continue to be exploited.

The idea is to take items that have dates like lists of the best products of 2016 and add content explaining how everything has changed since then to expand the text. This will give your old posts a new life and help you climb the search engine rankings.

Also, it is an ideal technique to apply it in parallel with point 9.

11. Guest posts

Sharing posts with other pages is one way to reach new audiences. Whether your website’s editors write for another blog or vice versa, this helps create a sense of community that can then help you discuss the link strategy we’ll talk about later.

In either case, posts must be an add-on to the content of the page on which it will appear.

The guest must contribute something different, but according to the editorial line so that there are no conflicts. Also, this is beneficial for both parties.

12. Backlinks

Backlinks photo

One of the ways pages gain authority in Google rankings is through links to the page (backlinks) from other recognized pages.

The more links of this type you get for your website, the better your ranking in the search engines, and gradually you will be able to position yourself as an expert in the subject.

Backlinks can also help to attract referred traffic, for example, if a link to your Page appears in a media with millions of views, you’re likely to have an uptick in the number of visits to your blog in those days.

13. Optimize for mobile phones

Recently, Google updated its algorithm to read the mobile version of your website before the desktop version. When the company’s robot is indexing pages, it first takes into account how it looks on a mobile device than on a PC, to reflect changes in search trends.

To help webmasters, Google launched a tool that checks if the page is mobile-optimized and even gives you tips to improve optimization, it also forms warnings of critical points at a technical level so you can fix them.

Thus, your page will be taken into account by Google’s search engine more efficiently.

14. Promotions and gifts

An effective way to attract users is to launch promotions or offers to your followers.

To do this you can use different platforms such as social networks, mailing lists, and paid advertising.  The mechanics must be precise, especially if you are raffling any product.

Firstly, you need to define which platforms you want to do the campaign on, they can be several at the same time, set what the mechanics will be (comments, likes, subscriptions, etc.) and finally hold the contest.

In the case of offers, you can choose to give discount coupons to those who subscribe to your database or direct lower prices.

In any case, it is a strategy that usually gives good results.

15. CTR optimization

Photo optimizing click through rate

The CTR (click-through rate) measures the number of people who see a link to your page in search engines and the number of clicks. Improving this metric has a double benefit. On the one hand, you will receive more visits to the web, and on the other, it will improve your ranking on social networks.

To optimize the CTR, you have several options, the first is to write more attractive titles or add a  number as a percentage or specific data.

The second is to write better meta descriptions because that is a space that must be used to the fullest for better results.

Headlines can also appeal to emotion, and you can also use other techniques that make your content more engaging.

16. Public relations and media coverage

While digital marketing is now the trend, traditional marketing techniques can help us too. In this case, if you have a public relations agency, you can send press releases or hold events to make yourself known.

Reviews in traditional media can help you reach a different and broader audience. Even if the media has a policy of not posting links, the single mention can significantly increase visits to your Page and search about your brand on Google.

17. Internal links

Once the user is on your page, the idea is that you continue browsing until you make a conversion, either by purchasing a product, hiring a service, or signing up for your database.

One of the ways you can achieve this is through internal links.

At the time of writing, it is advisable to link to other articles within your Page to give the user the option to continue there. Also, by dividing the content into categories, you can help the user find articles related to the topic they are looking for and have them extend their visit.

18. Create community

Big brands tend to have a community around them. To achieve this, they interact with their customers on social networks and with other brands.

The size of your company should not be a cause for concern, you can apply this technique and benefit from it.

Create a style and communication manual for your brand on social networks, share content created by your customers (photos with products, reviews, etc.), and you will see how little by little visits are increasing thanks to word of mouth.

Some actions you can take are interacting on forums, creating Facebook groups, and answering questions in Quora.

19. Post your content on other platforms

Image of a person posting content on platforms

Medium and other similar platforms allow you to create free accounts where you can publish your content. Also, in your profile you will be able to link to your website without problems.

Promote your posts on social media to gain momentum, and if the content is successful, it will appear as a standout on the same platform.

The traffic you can get that way isn’t as high as other techniques we’ve shared, but it’s still an effective way to win page visits.

20. Create content offerings

This is one of the most effective ways not only to increase your website traffic but to generate sales leads.

The strategy is to create content such as webinars, ebooks, demos, and tests that you can give to your users. This way you’ll get them to sign up for your database and interact with your products.

Other content you can offer are online courses and research results.

This technique will work when you promote content on both social networks and your page. You can also use paid advertising to reach more people.


Increasing your Page’s traffic is critical for you to achieve a return on investment, as visits will also depend on sales and conversions.

Common mistakes companies make is to create their website and leave it as it is when it actually requires constant work, as the effort that comes with monitoring web metrics and creating content are rewarded.

The idea is to design a strategy that suits your type of business and allows you to reach potential customers that become common.

As we mentioned at the beginning, you don’t need to apply all the named techniques but a mix that works for you.

On the other hand, everything that has to do with SEO optimization should be applied because it will help you improve your ranking in Google and the rest of the search engines.

Also, creating quality content is key to helping you reach your audience.

If you start applying some of these 20 techniques, it’s only a matter of time before traffic to your website increases.

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